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Growing, expanding, starting new enterprises, developing new plans are the main topics in modern hortibusiness. Horti Tech Asia, your Dutch partner in horticultural support, has a vast experience on establishing your growth. With our team, with both national and international experience, we make your horticultural project happen. We can provide you with all necessities for establishing your successful horticultural company. From the business plan, building your greenhouse, till the harvesting of products, Horti Tech Asia is your partner.

Thinking of an entirely new company? Or an expansion of your enterprise? With the maximum return on your investment? We can assure this by guiding you through your horticultural project. From the actual development to the daily utilisation with, for example, the recruitment of partners or a professional management team. Horti Tech Asia supports on all areas of project development, this resulting in our total package. Horti Tech Asia support is always customized to your specific needs. All your wishes are carefully analysed and tested according to the latest technical and economic circumstances. It is increasingly important to make (small) changes in our diet; safe fruits and vegatables will be more inportant than ever. Not only for the future of our earth, but also for our own health.

Turnkey (Dutch-Indian hybrid) hydroponic greenhouse

The greenhouse is according to the latest Dutch knowledge and technology, specially designed for the South and South-East Asian/Indian market. The greenhouse has multiple options like hot air heating, recirculation fans, screens, a climate computer, etc. to make it suitable to many different local circumstances and requirements.

Besides the complete design, ~25% of the greenhouse / installations are from the Netherlands which are the critical greenhouse elements / installations for making the qualitative difference. The remaining ~75% of the greenhouse / installations are manufactured in India for keeping the costs low.


The best of both worlds.

Our Polyhouse is easy scalable and complemented with a hydroponic cultivation system, recirculating irrigation unit and optional Pad & Fan cooling system or hot air heating and recirculating fans, screens and climate computer for your best price-quality turn-key solution. We also have our own management information system which generates the right decision making information for your management decisions and operations can be monitored for advice from distance.

The greenhouse always includes one year of education and training of local managers and employees for making optimal use of the greenhouse and its installations.

Knowledge & Advice

By starting a project with Horti Tech Asia we will share all our knowledge with the investor and his team. Horti Tech Asia will advice before, during and after the project to make it a successtory.

Education and training of local managers and employees

Horti Tech Asia provides education, training and advice to the greenhouse management and your local managers and employees for letting them make optimal use of the greenhouse and its installations. With the goal to transfer our knowledge to optimize the cultivation and organizational performance of your greenhouse business. Our training/education modules are included in our greenhouse projects. Our advice is on-site and off-site available when making use of our Management Information System, to optimise your greenhouse performance throughout the year.

Requirements: Running greenhouse operation(s) and our Management Information System (MIS)

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